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 Character Creation Guidelines

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PostSubject: Character Creation Guidelines   Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:38 pm

Note: Character sheets area fucntion of this forum, which is associated to your login account. which means One account, one character. You work with the Storyteller to create your character. There are several house rules which might affect your choices.

Character Build

Decide on Concept, Nature and Demeanor. Get an idea for what you want to play.

Decide on Clan, ask your Storyteller which clans are available.

Decide on Attributes. You get 15 points to spend.
Except for Nosferatu who have always 0 in Appearance an Attribute normally starts at 1. So in total you have 15 + 9 points.

Decide on Abilities. You get 27 points to spend.
Knowledges that have 0 are impossible to attempt, and Skills who have 0 in them can only be attempted with a +1 difficulty penalty. Talents can always be attempted even with 0 points in them.


Decide on Virtues. You get 7 points to spend.
Path of Humanity gain a bonus for Self-control and Conscience starting at 1 for each. Courage works as normal, starting at 1

Backgrounds get 5 points.
Please note that the generation background starts at 11,m so if you put the maximum of 5 points in it your generation would be 6, this also affects what levels are possible to buy for all other stats.

Disciplines get 3 points

Merits/Flaws can at most number 7, it's possible to create new ones if you have something particular in mind. But always with Storyteller approval

On top of this you get 15 more freebie points.

All of the above is for a standard character, ST may decided that your age or generation demands more (or less) in most cases, expect that the ST want everyone to start out with similar builds.
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Character Creation Guidelines
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